Our philosophy?

Belief will be the savior of we Humanz. So far, our beliefs – about the food we eat, the transportation we use, the money we earn, and the natural resources we consume – have led to one place: destruction. The Ecosystem, of which we are a part, simply cannot handle our wastes. On a human level, we focus on our differences, rather than our similarities. Yet, we can change belief in an instant, with one simple act of consciousness, that of simply taking a decision.

What is that decision? Live Eco, not Ego.



Our mission?

Save the Humanz.

So, we: Assist. Believe. Communicate. Dumbfound. Educate. Foster. Give. Heighten. Inform. Juxtapose. Kibosh. Live. Maintain. Nourish. Opine. Perfect. Question. Resist. Sublime. Tout. Unite. Venerate. Wonder. Xcite. Yowl. Zonk.